Marconi Historic Redevelopment – North Shore, Oahu
“A culture’s relationship with nature provides a foundation for design that expresses a culture’s deepest roots, honors it’s history, the people, and the environment that inspired it.” – Amy Vail

Hawaii provides a unique palette for the intertwining of people and place in design. There are few cultures on Earth where those connections are recognized and cherished so deeply.

What began as a simple query about historic re-use possibilities, blossomed into a multi-staged and phased design for redevelopment of numerous historical structures and new construction on a site designated as a historical landmark on Oahu’s North Shore.

This project meant envisioning new life resurrected within dilapidated and partially collapsed buildings.  Meetings with developers, local residents, and State historical commissions, provided direction for strategic space planning to create a hotel, restaurant, bar, marketplace, and community flex space designed to appeal to the community and visitors alike.