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Design Obsessed with Cuba

Now that travel to Cuba is a bit easier, I am obsessed with getting there to see the beauty of time preserved before its too late. Having written my Master’s thesis on the topic of cultural design in Hawaii, I’m especially interested in how the slow leak of new visitors to the island will effect the existing architecture and design. In the meantime, I’m obsessed with the photos I’m finding online. I’ve discovered a photographer with whom I was not familiar, Nina Leen. This photo she took for Life Magazine in 1946 is one of favorites.

Photograph by Nina Leen for LIfe

Photograph by Nina Leen for LIfe

I’m not sure what love most – the clothes, the chair and the architecture are all stunning – but I think the way the woman in the middle is draped across the chair is what pulled me in.  The fluidity of that posture is almost like water. Something to keep in mind when designing a room.  You don’t need actual water or wind to bring fluidity to a design.  Motion can be indicated by still objects.

Design with a monochromatic color scheme


Monochromatic texture

Natural texture

The different textures and subtle color variations of these two varieties of palm are so stunning.  A great example of how to make a monochromatic color scheme interesting.


Wine Bottle & Label Design:What do they say about the wine?

While waiting for a prescription to be filled at Costco this afternoon (stupid allergies), I decided to spend my time looking at wine.  Surprise, surprise.  Of course, the interior designer was looking not at which was the highest rated wine, but which was the most attractive wine bottle and label design.  It struck me how some strongly reminded me of specific architectural styles or eras, others were just beautiful. So here are my finds. I am not commenting on the contents of any of these bottles, only on the packaging.  However, I have been told that judging a book by its cover with regard to wine, isn’t such a crazy idea.  It seems some believe that if you like the wine bottle’s design you are also likely to share the winemaker’s aesthetics for taste.  What do you think?  I just know I would love to have any of these beautiful wine bottles on my table…regardless of what’s in them.

Santo Moscato d’Asti: So Art Deco! Perfect for drinking at a mirrored dressing table?









The Prisoner Wine Company Saldo Zinfandel Blend: Midcentury Modern or Steampunk, I can see this next to a Mies Barcelona chair… or maybe a Peter Kjaerholm PK22..or a really industrial stool.










Peter Lehmann Wines Layers Red Blend: So industrial chic in a retro sort of way









J Vineyards & Winery Pinot Gris: Contemporary, modern and fresh

J Pinot Gris








Hedges Family Estate Sauvignon Blanc: Why does it make me think of an elaborate cake?

CMS Sauvignon Blanc








Miraval Cotes de Provence Rose: This is Brangelina’s wine…need I say more









Gerard Bertrand Cote de Roses: I obviously have a thing for pink right now, and the little gold rose just puts it over the top









Eroica Riesling: So right out of the late 1970s…in a good way









Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial: Girl Power! (pink again, I know…)

Moet & Chandone